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If the US Army is embracing social media, you can too!

Imagine this paragraph from the opening letter to the US Army’s social media policy – Army social media – Optimizing online engagement – written for your organization:

“Social media is constantly evolving, and it is not going away. Soldiers [read – our employees] have always been and always will be our best story tellers –they are the Strength of the nation [read – our business or organization or community]. Social media helps us connect America [read – our customers or donors or shareholders and their families] to its army [read – our business or organization or community] and assists us in reaching new demographics [read – employees or customers or donors or investors, etc].”

The US Army isn’t embracing social media as a nice to have. It’s a critical element of their operational strategy.

If the US Army is embracing social media, isn’t it time you did too! And not as a nice to have but as key to your operational strategy.

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Deborah Hinton Friday, January 13th, 2012
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