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Innovation & collaboration: Strategic priorities or not?

For all the talk in Canadian business about innovation and collaboration, I just read a startling and rather disappointing fact from a talk given by BDC late in 2011: ┬áCanadian “businesses invest $2,400 less per employee, per year, in computers, software and training than American companies do.”

A few years ago that amount spent on information and communication technology wouldn’t have bought you much. Today it could set an employee up with enough technology and applications to be able to connect the way they want, when they want, with colleagues virtually anywhere in the world. It could create the opportunity for innovation and collaboration that we believe is so vital.

The United States have been hit harder by the recession than we in Canada have and yet they invest $2,400 more in the stuff that will make it easier for their employees to create new and more efficient ways of doing things;┬ánew products and services that better meet the needs of their customers; and a competitive advantage. ┬áThis doesn’t seem right.

When we as leaders are out talking about the importance of innovation and collaboration to the future of our organizations and our country are we making it a priority? ┬áThe numbers say we aren’t.

If innovation and collaboration are key strategic priorities, then we need to invest in them. If they aren’t, then we probably shouldn’t keep saying that they are. ┬á



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Deborah Hinton Thursday, March 1st, 2012
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