Hinton & Company is a professional services firm that partners with organizations and teams of all sizes to create impact through inclusion and sustainably change culture.

Our founder is Wade Hinton, an award-winning attorney and business leader. Recently, DiversityFirst named Mr. Hinton one of its 2021 Top 100 Diversity Officers. Mr. Hinton served as Unum Group’s first Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer and helped implement a global enterprise strategy. During Mr. Hinton’s tenure with the Unum, the Fortune 250 company received a number of awards, and made its first appearance on Forbes Magazine’s list of Best Employers for Diversity and for 2021 is listed in the top 100.

Wade Hinton

Wade previously served as City Attorney for the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Deputy General Counsel for Volkswagen Chattanooga. He was named one of the nation’s forty best advocates and business leaders under the age of 40 by both the National Bar Association and the Network Journal. He was also a member of Harvard’s 2015 Young American Leaders program, a 2017 Presidential Leadership Scholar, a 2018 Diversity Community Champion for Justice, and a 2019 Tennessee Bar Foundation Fellow.

Raised by a single mom in the city’s Westside, Wade grew up in a community that taught him the importance of standing up for what’s right and the importance of serving others. Wade attended public schools in Chattanooga, went to college at Emory University, and received his law degree from The University of Memphis.

When Wade returned to Chattanooga, he dedicated himself to making sure that the talent residing in all corners of his community would have the opportunity to thrive. -- a dedication that continues through his work at Hinton and Company.

As the Founder of Board Connector, Wade has pushed to ensure that nonprofit boards are reflective of the diverse populations they serve. As a community advocate and activist, he fought to restore the rights of those seeking a second chance to contribute to their community. As City Attorney, he focused relentlessly on expanding economic opportunities for minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs of color.

The business landscape is changing. Executives, investors, employees, and customers are aligned in focusing on inclusion, diversity, and other critical environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. If you’re serious about making your business or organization more competitive and conscientious, we hope you’ll reach out. Together, we create impact through inclusion.

Our Values

We lead with inclusion because we believe that without it, no other changes are possible. We engage directly with executives, employee groups, shareholders, and other critical stakeholders to make sure that culture is supported, goals are met, and profitability is protected.

In every engagement, we pride ourselves on being:

Driven by metrics. We’re in the business of sustainability changing culture, not scoring points. That means we’ll start our work together with a candid and realistic understanding of where you need to go, how efficiently you can get there, and what it will take to make our recommendations real and lasting. We’ll insist on that level of candor throughout our engagement together with a candid and realistic understanding of where your company is and where you need to go, we’ll build a program that will help you get there efficiently and create real and lasting organizational change.

Flexible. Your journey will almost certainly be non-linear, unpredictable, and full of unexpected lessons -- it wouldn’t be meaningful otherwise. While we’ll begin with a clear scope of work and agreed-upon deliverables, we know that things change. We can respond without losing sight of our goals.

Innovative. We’re learning too. That’s what keeps our approach fresh, our guidance relevant, and our value to you clear and consistent. Throughout a career that has spanned business, law, and public service, we’ve prided ourselves on staying aware of cutting-edge best practices and knowing how to operationalize them. As a client of Hinton and Company, you’ll benefit from this research in real time so you never fall behind your peers.

Focused on your bottom-lines. Our work is possible because the market wants it -- pure and simple. The investors, workers, and customers you need are already demanding that you take these steps. As executives, we have managed, grown, and led businesses, so we recognize the essential importance of protecting profitability so that you can continue to invest in your community.

Let's make impact through inclusion.