We’re not just consultants. We’re a practice of experienced inclusion and diversity professionals that know what real change looks like -- because we’ve made it happen.

As a business leader, you have multiple constituencies to satisfy at any given time -- investors and shareholders, current and prospective employees, customers and suppliers. As executives ourselves, we know how challenging it is. Sometimes our clients need us to be coaches, personal trainers, or historians. No matter what, we’’ll always be your partner because we know how important this work is to you and the people who are counting on you.

We don’t offer a la carte services or pre-packaged solutions. At the core of our practice is a customized approach that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. We begin by gaining an immersive understanding of your current culture and operations, which allows us to define your specific goals. From there, we build an operational plan -- centered on practical action steps with clear, transparent metrics -- that lead you to sustainable, long-term practices.

We lead with inclusion because we believe that without it, no other changes are possible. We engage directly with executives, employee groups, shareholders, and other critical stakeholders to make sure that culture is supported, goals are met, and profitability is protected.

Diversity and Inclusion
Solutions we offer

External Chief DEI Officer Services: Providing strategic leadership and programming services for organizations of all sizes, ranging from performing organizational assessments to strategic planning.

Strategic Programs: Working with leadership teams and organizations, we provide engaging design sessions to help organizations lay strategic groundwork.

Capacity Assistance and Special Project Support: Assisting organizations in the delivery of programs and initiatives by providing teams the resources they need to meet strategic and tactical demands.

Customized Support: Partnering with organizations to meet specific needs related to training, panel discussions, or facilitation.

Our clients include publicly traded companies, venerable nonprofit institutions, and major employers and corporate citizens who are looking to become more competitive, responsive, and responsible. If that sounds like you, please be in touch. If you are a smaller organization or start-up business who shares our values, we will be glad to build a customized package that brings your goals within reach for a budget that makes sense.

We think you’re ready to make real progress on your diversity and inclusion journey. Hinton is ready to serve alongside you every step of the way. Together, we can create impact through inclusion.

Let's make impact through inclusion.