Making inclusion a competitive advantage!

Organizations understand it is not enough for them to simply make a statement committing to diversity and inclusion. Stakeholders expect more.

We also know that at times, teams can lack a strategy or the resources to advance on their inclusion journey, and in many ways can feel stuck.

We’re in the business of helping organizations move beyond words and put inclusion into action.


Wade Hinton

Hinton & Co.
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Hinton & Company
Hinton & Company is a professional services firm that partners with organizations of all sizes to create impact through inclusion.  We help our clients understand, manage and respond to the risks, opportunities, and impacts of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Be Inclusive.
Be Accountable.

Inclusion starts with you. Change your mindset and you change the culture of your company. Hinton & Company will work with you to create your roadmap for success and help you deliver tangible results in a manageable timeline.

Why Hinton & Company?

We’ll be your strategic partner - bringing you our expertise in practical strategies, innovative tools, and inspirational messaging to help transform how your company works - so all employees feel engaged, valued, and challenged.


Problems we’re solving

We're helping organizations take action to become more inclusive and stop missing out on a vast supply of talent, market chances, and competitive advantages in an increasingly diversified marketplace.

We don't just help organizations meet their commitment to creating an inclusive culture, we partner with them to plan and marshal the resources that meet their unique needs to make this happen.

How we do it…

At the heart of what we do is provide a customized approach that assists your organization with making an impact through inclusion.

We start by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your current culture and operations, which allows us to define your specific milestones.

From there, we will work with you to create an operational plan that lays out clear, transparent metrics that lead to sustainable, long-term inclusive practices.

While we are proud of the strong track record and peerless credibility we bring to this work, we see every client engagement as a new opportunity to prove ourselves all over again.

Let's make impact through inclusion.